„Matrix Resurrections“, 2020

As head of department sculptor for „Matrix“ part IV I developed the studio set-construction for all the „reallity“ underworld sets – caves connected with tunnels, which should look like drilled by huge tunneling machines into the rock. For the cave walls we decided to use the polyurethane cast panel technique from „Monuments Men“ again, mounted on mobile wodden scaffolding. So almost any wall was floatable for a better camera perspective. The tunnels were carved in styrofoam.

Two of the caves „the Farm“ and „Morpheus Shrine“ were made from casted flexible plaster panels, as an experiment in ‚green production‘ to avoid plastic waste. The result was quite good – aesthetically as well as regarding the construction time.

Together with Frants Rodvalt I designed and sculpted the Morpheus monument after the ideas of the production designer Hugh Bateup.